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As a keynote speaker, Shadé is renowned for her ability to infuse motivation with practical strategies and solutions to shift mindsets and drive positive action in her audiences. Her high energy presentations are characterised by authenticity, humour and passion, and create maximum impact. 

Her passion is about empowering others to be their best. Having delivered inspiring lectures and facilitated workshops across Australia, New York and Puerto Rico (see praise here), she’s driven by being a catalyst for self-awareness and greater personal understanding in others.

Shadé captivated the room with her insights on what it means to work with purpose and put personal values in to action... Shadé brought the perfect combination of passion, energy, storytelling and knowledge to our event.
We chose Shadé to present the final session of our conference. This was an inspired decision. Her presentation style and content struck exactly the right note.... a highlight!


Conference and Event Keynotes

An experienced speaker, from delivering keynotes,MCing large corporate conferences facilitating personal development seminars, recording webinars and presenting in front of audience of 8000+ at Sydney's largest entertainment venues, Shadé has a remarkable ability to tailor her presentation style, enabling her to have lasting impact. Her unique style and personable approach makes her sessions engaging, dynamic and highly relevant.


Most Popular Topics

While all keynotes are developed in conjunction with clients, Shadé’s most popular keynote topics are (descriptions below): 

  • Change: The New Normal

  • Purposeful Living: A guide to uncovering your purpose and living your values at work

  • Transformational Leadership: The Missing Trait

  • Whole Brain Thinking: Maximising Team effectiveness by understanding how to leverage diversity of thought

  • The Art & Science of Happiness

  • Own Your Potential (Keynote for Women)

  • Peak Performance through Mindful Leadership

  • International Women’s Day Keynote

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Shadé Zahrai
Quite simply, Shadé captivated the room with her insights on what it means to work with purpose and put personal values in to action.
Shadé brought the perfect combination of passion, energy, storytelling and knowledge to our event.
— Executive Officer | Banking and Finance Oath

The Purpose Economy Keynote, delivered at the Young Ambassador's Welcome event for the Banking and Finance Oath, hosted by The Ethics Centre (2019). Thanks Bensound for the backing track.


Topic Descriptions

CHANGE: The New Normal

The Science of Change & Influence

Resilient leaders are those who adapt, change, and take-on challenges as powerful opportunities to re- invent and re-empower themselves. We’re living in a world and business landscape that’s changing at an unprecedented rate. It’s imperative that we continually evolve the way that we work and lead so we can continue to achieve excellence in this era of uncertainty.  

What goes on in our minds when faced with change? Why is it sometimes so hard to manage our emotions and why do we resist? Through an understanding of the basics of neuroscience and the psychology behind how our brain responds to changes at work or in our environment, audiences will learn to view change as opportunity rather than a threat through a growth mindset and other easy-to-apply strategies. Using examples from some leading global companies, we explore the importance of a culture of ownership, accountability and candour, and pushing through the fear to make change an ally, all with a view to develop the ability of your leaders to thrive upon challenge and transform themselves, their teams, and their organisations.

The ‘Purpose’ Economy

A guide to uncovering your purpose and living your values at work

Now, more than ever, we’re realising the critical importance of working with purpose and putting personal values into action - the banking Royal Commission has highlighted this. 

We also know that 33% of Australians are not emotionally engaged in their work. This means they’re also not as productive which has a detrimental impact for organisations.  The psychology research shows us that when we live a life aligned to our values we’re happier, more successful and more fulfilled at work. When we embrace our purpose we feel like we matter and we’re contributing to something bigger than ourselves. And it comes with a tremendous number of benefits, ranging from a subjective sense of happiness to lower levels of cortisol and stress hormones. This keynote explores what it means to live a life of purpose and put personal values into action at work.

It’s a really solid long-term strategy to have a more fulfilled, more successful and happier life – and it’s a Win:Win for individuals and organisations.

Whole Brain Thinking

Maximising Team effectiveness by understanding how to leverage diversity of thought

For individuals, leaders and teams to maximise group effectiveness and team cohesion, they need to first understand the way they cognitively process the world and how this influences their communication preferences, strengths and how they interact with others – is your preference to be analytical, experimental, practical or relational? Loosely based on the Hermann Brain Dominance Index, Whole Brain Thinking allows for more balanced decision-making and leverages diversity of thought to drive high performance teams by improving the quality of their interactions.

We explore the communication and leadership strategies and tactics used by leaders from some of the leading global companies to help your leaders gain an edge and fully utilise their strengths.

Evolving Leadership

The missing trait to Transformative Leadership

This talk is all about evolving leadership thinking and development for the present day reality.We’ll examine the core development fundamentals necessary to be a transformative leader of impact, unpacking the three core areas of mindset, method and mastery. 

Do you know the one quality that all truly transformational leaders have in common? Chances are you don’t because research has only recently identified this one quality, and it’s not what most of us would think. Without this foundational quality, a leaders’ influence will always be limited. In this informative and inspiring keynote, audiences will learn what this quality is, why it plays such a crucial role in leadership and specific ways to develop it to step closer to becoming a transformational leader.

I Don’t Want to be Happy - said No One, Ever!

The Art & Science of Happiness

Based off findings from her best-selling book, Shadé reveals 5 actionable, proven Hacks for rewiring your brain and shifting your lens towards a happier, more successful life. We’ll explore the power of positive thinking and what this does to your brain, how self-limiting beliefs and psychological blocks could be sabotaging your success, how your attitude shapes your reality and what you create around you, why expressing gratitude is a key driver towards a happier existence, and how serving others makes us happier and can lead to greater life-satisfaction. This interactive and engaging keynote is a great addition if you want to leave your audience empowered to be the Architects of their Lives.

Peak Performance

through Mindful Leadership

To be a great leader, you must first master yourself. What does this mean? Large companies like Google, Nike and Apple, are all implementing large-scale mindfulness programs. Data now shows that there is a clear impact on leadership skills by practicing mindfulness and mindful leadership, the biggest benefit being its direct impact on the development of emotional intelligence which is a key skill for leaders in the emerging business ecosystem. What are the strategies we can use to help us effectively manage stress and regulate emotional responses in times of pressure? We’ll explore the Mindful Leadership Matrix and understand the importance of subjective wellness in the face of external challenges. It’s only through personal excellence that we can drive team excellence.

Owning Your Potential

(Keynote for Women)

Countless studies have shown that women have more of a tendency to focus on what they lack, their gaps and their weaknesses rather than strengths. By combatting self-limiting beliefs and learning hacks for greater confidence and wellbeing, women will be ready to confidently communicate their vision and leadership purpose and tp have greater clarity in their goals and aspirations. This keynote explores the research and neuroscience behind what frequently holds women back, the basics of how the subconscious creates our reality, and the  tangible tools and strategies that women can embrace to have more confidence, greater presence and greater in their careers.  

International Women’s Day Keynote

Inspired by the story of her refugee family who narrowly escaped severe persecution for their beliefs in gender equality and the elimination of prejudice, Shadé demonstrates how deep-rooted beliefs about gender bias affect our perceptions and how we view our own potential. In this optimistic and empowering conversation, Shadé shares insights of how gender equality is not only good for women, it’s good for our economic wellbeing. Through working together and recognising the role our mindset and character plays (more so than gender), we can create a world where we are all free to pursue our passions and to contribute our unique talents.

Your Brand is your Business Card

Your Brand, Your Why & Your Online Presence

We look at global brands to explore the concept of branding and ‘intangible assets’, before applying the same principles to ourselves as personal ‘brands’. We explore what a personal brand is, how to consciously develop it (yet remain authentic), and how to craft your personal narrative and elevator pitch which focusses on your drivers and your ‘why’. A great keynote to be paired with ‘The Purpose Economy’.


Shadé delivers a presentation in Brisbane to an audience of over 500 Corporate Leaders.

Shadé MCs and shares her interpretation of the Power Clap at a conference in Perth.




Own Your Potential Programme

Neurofemina Advanced Leaders Programme for high potential Women

The Neurofemina Advanced Leaders Programme is designed for high potential professional women who are ready to embark on the next stage of their development. They will acquire an advanced leadership toolkit throughout the 2-day program, with the following assets:

  • Proven methods to grow and maintain their confidence, resilience, happiness

  • Practices for emotional self-regulation, self-leadership and internal bias management 

  • Ability to apply the key factors of influence in diverse situations

  • Create and deliver influential presentations that empower their teams, leaders and others to take action

  • Ability to facilitate creativity and problem solving collaboration in teams

  • Deliver basic strengths-based coaching sessions for leading individuals

Click here to view the programme outline.

Other Workshops

Other workshops are delivered through Influenceo Group. These include:

  • The Art of Persuasive Presentations – 2 day program

  • High Performance Teams

  • Igniting the Innovator Mindset: Design Thinking and Innovation for Organisations

  • The Art of Influence + Communciation

  • Your Brand, Your Why, Your Online Presence

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