Shade Zahrai


Shadé Zahrai is an author, consultant, trainer, accredited coach, speaker, Future Leader Scholar (through the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation) and champion Latin dancer who has been featured on TED Institute. She is Director and Chief Positive Influencer at Influenceo Group, on the Board of the Future Business Council and Advisory Board Member of the Future Business Generation. Shadé specialises in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for performance and wellbeing. She is passionate about empowering women and minorities to challenge unconscious bias, drive inclusion and advance equality in the workplace and our communities. 

A former lawyer with a background in psychology, marketing and sales, bolstered by experience in leadership and consulting at a Big-4 bank, Shadé is commercially savvy while being very in touch with the human side of a business. 


Giving Back

Shade runs a social enterprise that drives the empowerment of young women in high schools, has volunteered and lived with a remote Aboriginal community in Cape York to deliver a strategic community business plan to secure funding and resources, volunteered at an Indigenous children’s wellbeing festival in remote Alice Springs, is a regular volunteer facilitator with CareerTrackers Indigenous Internships Program and CareerSeekers and firmly believes in the responsibility we all have to give back in whatever way we can.    


As an instigator of change, Shadé is passionate about empowering our next generation of female leaders who will challenge unconscious bias and take steps to address gaps in gender parity and inequality in the workplace. She believes very strongly in providing equal opportunities for all, and works to address some of the underlying issues that prevent women and other minority groups from achieving their full potential.

Shadé's mission is  simple: To help make the world a better place – One happy person at a time.