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Watch Shadé Zahrai (accompanied onstage by Aric Yegudken from Dancing with the Stars) deliver a TEDTalk that's a little different than the rest. 

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"Greater mindfulness, increased focus and attention, enhanced confidence, improved connection between mind and body... these are just some of the incredible benefits of Dance!"


Life Lessons through dance


Drawing from her experience as a coach and facilitator, 3x Australian Champion Shadé Zed is able to share her insight from her professional and competitive dance career in one-to-one settings with clients, focussing on mind-body connection for both lead and follow, while incorporating concepts from psychology and the neuroscience of dance to enhance the learning experience.


For those who are thirsty to improve their dance ability and appreciation for latin dance, while gaining an understanding of their internal motivators and factors that could be holding them back, Shadé Zed is the perfect dance coach to accompany you on your journey.

She will work in partnership with you to develop goals around your dancing while systematically developing ways to achieve them at a pace that both meets your level of comfort, yet effectively stretching you to push yourself to be your best. 



Selected Demos, Freestyles and Performances


Bachata Freestyle improvisation demonstrating their 'signature moves', with Juan Ruiz, Director of one of Sydney's largest latin studios, 'Tropical Soul', 2016.

Professional Cha Cha Solo Competition Performance at the Australian Latin Dance Championships, National Finals held in Sydney, 2015.

Freestyle Fusion Demo with Juan Calderon following a VIP Bachata Body Movement and Isolations workshop in Sydney, 2016 at Connection Studio.

Freestyle Demo with internationally renowned Juan Ruiz from Sydney's 'Tropical Soul' after their workshop at the Sydney Latin Festival, 2016. 

Freestyle Demo with international Artist Juan Calderon following a Body Movement workshop they taught at 'Bachata Therapy', Melbourne 2017.

Freestyle Body Movement Fusion Improvisation with Juan Calderon to demonstrate body isolations overlooking Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge, 2016.

Freestyle Salsa Fusion with Juan Calderon in Puerto Rico, 2017, accompanied by internationally renowned violinist, Ezechiel. 


Professional Salsa Competition Performance with Andrew Robertson at the Australian Latin Dance Championships in Sydney, 2015.

Improvised Freestyle Contemporary Fusion demonstrating 'dance whispering' and body movement, Lake Eacham, North QLD, 2016.

Dancing a Freestyle Bachata Improvisation on stage with Bachata star Karlos Rosé at his 2016 Australian concert.


About Shadé

Shadé and Aric Yegudkin from Dancing with the Stars at Australia's first TED conference, held at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion late 2017

Shadé has been a Latin dancer for almost a decade and is a recognised Australian instructor and performer. Having won 3x National Championships, she also represented Australia at the World Salsa Open in Puerto Rico in 2012, has taught workshops nationally and internationally and has trained Australian Champion teams. Shadé's differentiation comes from the fact that she finds her passion at the intersection of movement, dance, positive psychology coaching and mindfulness. Her area of preference is one-to-one training with individuals who recognise that they not only want to improve their dancing, but their entire outlook on life.  One of her most proud experiences was being invited to give a TEDTalk and narrative dance performance at Australia's first official TED Conference at the end of 2017, sharing the stage with Aric Yegudken from Dancing with the Stars.


Shadé finds dancing the "perfect activity to balance a fast paced life in the city" and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn - She says "learning to dance comes with such a broad array of personal benefits, from physical fitness to training mindfulness an enhanced wellbeing. You should try it our yourself!"



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