'I Don't want to be happy'

- said no one, ever!

The Art and Science behind developing one of life's most important skills - in 5 Simple Hacks!


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"This fast-moving, enjoyable book shows you how to be a happy, busy, self-fulfilled person – in every area of your life."

Brian Tracy,  International Bestselling Author, www.briantracy.com

"WARNING: this is not your typical cheesy, preachy how-to book. It’s so much more. Shadé has created a remarkably simple, insightful book that is delightfully different, infused with humour, sensitivity, warmth and a great deal of value. If you care about your relationships and want to be more successful in work and life, put this book on your required reading list."

Dr Ginni Mansberg, GP, Medical Journalist & Channel 7 Presenter, www.drginni.com.au


Dr Ginni Mansberg - book endorsement


"If anyone has insights into being happy, it’s Shadé”

 Adam Spencer, Author, Comedian and former Triple J radio presenter, www.adamspencer.com.au

Andy Bounds - endorsement

Andy Bounds

Award winning sales expert and best-selling author

"This book will transform how you think. More importantly, it will transform your life. A revelation." 



Sue Langley endorsement

Sue Langley

Neuroscience expert & CEO of Langley Group

“Full of personal anecdotes and stories, it covers the basics that we need to put into practice to deliver a happier, more fulfilling life. She brings critical research to life in a fun and engaging way, helping you realise that happiness is your choice - you are the architect!"


Jack Delosa endorsement

Jack Delosa


Founder and CEO, The Entourage, Young Rich Lister & best-selling author of UnProfessional

"Shadé stylistically guides us through utilising effective ideologies, methods, anecdotes and research, toward becoming the decider, the architect and the captain of your life. A Fantastic and important book to read no doubt!"


Stacey Copas - book endorsement

“In this warm and engaging book Shadé demonstrates that happiness is a choice… A rare mix of wisdom, fun and proven research, offering you an easy guide to lead a happier, more fulfilling life!”

Stacey Copas, Author &  Australia’s #1 Keynote speaker on Resilience, www.staceycopas.com

Tom cronin.png

“Shadé makes the complexity of creating a fulfilling life very simple by using science, wisdom and her own personal stories. …a must read for anyone who wants to take charge of their life to live abundantly and happily.”

Tom Cronin, Speaker, Coach, Meditation expert and Founder of The Stillness Project, www.tomcronin.com