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Andy Bounds - endorsement

Andy Bounds

Award winning sales expert and best-selling author

"This book will transform how you think. More importantly, it will transform your life. A revelation."

Sue Langley endorsement

Sue Langley

Neuroscience expert & CEO of Langley Group

“Full of personal anecdotes and stories, it covers the basics that we need to put into practice to deliver a happier, more fulfilling life. She brings critical research to life in a fun and engaging way, helping you realise that happiness is your choice - you are the architect!"

Jack Delosa endorsement

Jack Delosa

Founder and CEO, The Entourage, Young Rich Lister & best-selling author of UnProfessional

"Shadé stylistically guides us through utilising effective ideologies, methods, anecdotes and research, toward becoming the decider, the architect and the captain of your life. A Fantastic and important book to read no doubt!"