Please note that we’re not currently running BU INITIATIVE programs at this time. We want to thank all the schools and youth organisations who believed in our programs, and thank all the young women who took part for inspiring us each and every day.

After a wonderful 3 years, BU Initiative is now evolving into Neurofemina. Stay tuned for details…


The BU Initiative believes a strong, prosperous and thriving community is one in which our young women and girls are empowered to recognise their self worth, are inspired to overcome self-limiting beliefs and are encouraged to create a better society for all.

By delivering opportunities for young Australian women and girls to learn about themselves and the psychology behind what drives them and others, we can enhance their confidence, build their resilience and instill in them the self-belief that they can achieve anything they want.    


Around 58% of Australia’s tertiary graduates are women yet only 67% of working aged women are currently in the paid workforce (compared with 78% of men). Of those in the paid workforce, women are paid on average 18.2% less than their male counterparts, and this has remained 'stuck' between 15-18% for the past two decades. (You can read more about Gender Equality here)

This suggests that women face unique challenges throughout their lives, many of which influence their career choices and even their ability to work. These include personal choices around family and caregiving, however research also suggests that women are at increased risk of having debilitating self-limiting beliefs formed during childhood and adolescence which prevent them from reaching their potential.  

The BU Initiative believes that if we can empower young women while they are forging their sense of identity and purpose and instil self-confidence and resilience giving them strength to overcome the tumultuous influences of societal expectation, we can take steps towards addressing issues of gender inequality and lack of gender parity within Australian society.

Our young women are the future leaders of tomorrow.  


Focusing on the key themes of positivityattitude and self limiting beliefs, the content is informed by psychology and an understanding of the Subconscious mind. By providing a psychological lens with which to consider these topics, it not that only adds to the credibility of the content, but also educates young women around the power they have over their thoughts, feelings and ultimately their actions, all of which is backed by research. 

BU Initiative offers workshops and seminars for young women between the ages of 12 - 18 at high schools, as well as at universities and in the community. The content is utilised for purposes of empowerment and self-awareness, as well as for leadership development in older students. 

BU Initiative is a social enterprise that was founded out of a desire to empower young women to achieve their potential. It is based on the premise that knowledge is power, and that by equipping young women with self-knowledge and an ability to self-reflect, we can arm them with greater resilience, self confidence and positivity to assist them on their journey through adolescence to become strong young women who make a positive difference in the world.

Our goal is to empower young women to reach their potential at an early age, with hopes to promote greater inclusion and diversity in the Australian workforce by challenging the unconscious bias that prevails in society. 


We believe that BU Initiative will empower our young women to fulfill their potential and create ripples of positive change in the community.

Youth have the power to change our world.




All 220 students were glued to what was being shared, completely engrossed in the stories and the concepts which were presented in such an engaging way.
— Selective Girls School, Sydney

"We really can't thank Shadé and BU Initiative enough! The content was absolutely spot on, entirely relevant and the girls loved it! All 220 students were glued to what was being shared, completely engrossed in the stories and the concepts which were presented in such an engaging way. Since the session I have had countless girls comment on how much they gained and how empowered they felt - and still feel - as a result, even sharing that they went home and started coaching their parents and siblings on how to be more positive in life! A brilliant outcome for our young women - THANK YOU!"

– Jean, Year Advisor, Selective Girls School Sydney

"The 150 students were absolutely silent (except when laughing at Shadé's relatable humour), soaking up every word of her positive, yet personal story. We would like to thank Shadé for presenting such a motivating message to the students (and the teachers present) in what can be a challenging process. We would love to have her speak again and again!"

– Rana, Year 11 Career Advisor, School in Sydney's Northern Suburbs

“Thank you for coming to share your passion with us. The girls are articulate and committed but typically need to find the courage to back their choices, take some risks and be adventurous. Inspiration and connectedness with women such as yourself certainly helps with the reality and shows them that anything is in fact achievable..."

– Georgina, Career Advisor, Eastern Suburbs Girls School